Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

Monk Profiles

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Here are brief profiles of some members of the Saint Meinrad monastic community.

Br. Peduru Fonseka, OSB


Head shot of Br. Peduru Fonseka, OSBHometown: Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
Born: November 16, 1982
Professed Date: August 6, 2012

Prior Work/Life Experience:
I worked as a Structural Engineer for about three years in Mobile, Alabama before I came to the monastery. It was a wonderful experience after college to be able to work in the field I always wanted. I worked under a great employer and with wonderful co-workers who had lot of experience and talent in that field.

While I was in college, I worked as a research assistant for two years, studying the early age characteristics of concrete curing.

Education History:
BS in civil engineering from the University of South Alabama, 2008 

Work in the Monastery:
I am currently enrolled in the priestly formation program. These days one of my main tasks is my studies in the school of theology. Besides that I help in the Vocations office in various ways and I help in the Oblate office assisting the Oblate Chapter meetings. 

Other Interests:
Reading, Cycling, Photography, and playing sports such as tennis, soccer, cricket and softball. I like to listen to Celtic music and watch movies in my spare time.

What Attracted Me to Monastic Life:
The balance of life in the Benedictine spirituality is what attracted me to the monastic life. After I visited Saint Meinrad for the first time, I fell in love with this rhythm of life the monks had and the prayer centered lifestyle. Nothing can be more wonderful than being able to start the day with prayers and daily mass with the community. Life is a journey and an adventure of seeking Christ and finding peace in His grace. This continuous seeking for Christ in our daily life helps us to become the fully human beings that God created us to be, with Him, in Him and through Him