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M.A. (Theology)

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The degree offers students basic courses from the Departments of Systematics, of Scripture and Church History, and of Pastoral Theology so that they may survey areas and also focus on important texts, people or events. The degree program offers students the ability to shape their own curriculum while requiring them to take greater responsibility for their learning within the context of the learning outcomes of the degree.  

Successful completion of the Master of Arts (Theology) degree requirements will enable you to:

  • understand the central elements of Catholic teaching and practice. 

  • understand the broad development and diversity of the Church's tradition 

  • read and interpret texts of the Catholic tradition faithfully and critically;

  • relate issues of contemporary thought and life to a larger Catholic theological context. 


Core Requirements: 9 credit-hours

Students should take these basic courses, if they are offered, before taking another course.

  1. Creed in History and Theology

  2. New Testament core course (Synoptic Gospels, Acts and General Epistles; Paul in Early Christianity; or Pauline and Johannine Literature)

  3. Early Church History or a survey of Church History

Statement of Personal Learning Outcomes

After completing these core courses, you will review your learning goals for the degree, and in conversation with the Director of the Graduate Theology Program, write a short statement describing your learning goals going forward. While some students may seek a broad survey of Catholic theology, others may wish to focus their coursework in a particular area.

Eight Courses: 24 credit-hours

In addition to the core requirements, you will choose eight courses aligned with your learning goals.

The Concluding Exercise: 3 credit-hours

The final requirement for the Master of Arts (Theology) degree is a concluding exercise that demonstrates achievement of the learning outcomes associated with the degree. This usually is undertaken in your last semester of studies, but may be completed after completing 30 hours of coursework, including all core course requirements. You may choose one of four options:

  1. Capstone Essays

  2. Textual Analysis Essays

  3. Research Paper

  4. Pastoral Research Project


1) You must possess a four-year undergraduate degree, in any field, from an accredited institution of higher learning. In rare instances, we can accept students who have not completed an entire bachelor's degree.

2) You must complete the application process to be accepted into the degree program.

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