Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

April 2015 - Week 4

Fr. Cyprian recently traveled to New Orleans to Xavier University and was honored there by the Institute for Black Catholic Studies' inaugural Sister Eva Regina Martin, S.S.F., Ph.D. Lecture. Fr. Cyprian's book, The History of Black Catholics in the United States, is celebrating this year its 25th anniversary of first being published. At the lecture, a revised edition this book was ceremoniously displayed. Read more at this link.

Fr. Christian successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at Catholic University of America. The title of his dissertation is "Compromise or Charism?: The Identity and Mission of Religious Priesthood in Light of Hans Urs Von Balthasar's Theology." Congratulations, Fr. Christian. Read more here: Fr. Christian will continue teaching in our Seminary and School of Theology.

Fr. Mark gave a retreat for 44 retreatants last weekend titled "A Weekend with St. Teresa of Avila."

Fr. Thomas has shared insights with us this week as Mass Heb in his homilies. Here are my recollections:

Sunday: God became a human because it must be possible for God's glory to dwell in human flesh. We touch upon a great mystery when human flesh becomes glorified. Jesus' human life is eternally present and we celebrate His life through the year in our liturgies. As we stand in this room (the Archabbey Church), Jesus is about to enter even though He is already here, and He will say, "Peace be with you!"
Tuesday: Perhaps if truth and goodness fail us in evangelizing, we can preach beauty. May our lives be a beautiful poem for others to see Christ shining through us.
Wednesday: Let us write this on our hearts, the words of Jesus: I will not reject anyone who comes to me. We may unknowingly entertain angels or even Jesus Himself.
Thursday: Like the eunuch in the first reading today, if we admit we don't understand something, it means we are  listening .
Friday: Saul was filled with evil zeal. Yet, Jesus turned his evil zeal into good zeal. What are the areas of our lives that are filled with bad zeal where God is calling us to use those energies for good?

Bishop-Elect of Lexington, KY, and Conventual Franciscan John Stowe was here on retreat this week. We invited him to join us for our evening meal on Thursday, and at the end of the meal Archabbot Justin introduced Bishop-Elect Stowe to the community. We celebrated his appointment with applause and wishes of prayer.

I'll end with this: As has been mentioned in previous weeks' About the House editions, we have asked for prayers as we embark on our move out of the monastery for renovations. It hit me this week, because several times a week we pray for monks who work or study away from the community, that I should also ask you for prayers for our expositi (monastic community members working or studying away from the monastery).

One of our intercessions this week read: "May our brothers who work away from the monastery know our support and find peace in the Spirit." Let us pray to the Lord.


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