Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

June 2015: June 13-19

If you'll recall, on certain solemnities that fall on a weekday, we will have Mass at 11 and incorporate midday prayer. Last week's About the House went to print before Mass for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart last Friday. At that Mass, Fr. Prior Kurt presided and Fr. Jeremy preached the homily.

In his homily, Fr. Jeremy described the significance of the Sacred Heart and the connection he has had to the solemnity and parishes with the same name. Further, he said God speaks of family in the First Reading and the monastery has many family qualities to it. It is at the Heart of Jesus that we find many common bonds. May we reach out to each other and embrace each other heart to heart.

Brothers Anselm, George and Ephrem from Belmont Abbey in North Carolina stayed with us for a day last weekend as they were driving through to junior summer school for junior Benedictine monks. This year, St. Benedict Abbey in Atchison, KS, is hosting junior summer school. Our Brothers Peduru, William and André are there and Br. James is spending time at our motherhouse in Einsiedeln.

Fr. Bede was the principal celebrant and homilist on Sunday and was the Mass heb throughout the week.

From his Sunday homily:

The Kingdom of God grows mysteriously. God reigns in a hidden way. Like a seed developing in rich soil, so too does the kingdom of God develop out of our sight. As a blade crop protrudes through the ground, we can be for one another the blade made visible through grace and faith. We can be a sign of the Kingdom for those around us. We can make visible the hidden work of the Kingdom in our lives. Mercy is a sign of the kingdom. In God's shade there is mercy and kindness!

From his Tuesday homily:

There is more to loving enemies than obtaining a reward because of it. It's easy to make our enemies lower or inferior than us, but it takes God's grace to keep them on our level where God's sun shines on both of us equally. Let us see one another with God's eyes -- see one another as perfect creations.

From his Friday homily:

Resilience. St. Paul was able to survive many obstacles through God's sustaining grace. That same sustaining grace helps us in our weakness and aids us in our resiliency too.

Br. Francis shares his reflection on last Sunday's readings here at his blog.

Br. Zachary spoke about mercy and forgiveness at Branchville Prison on Sunday. He shared that a couple of men there looked like they had some weight lifted off their shoulders as the idea of God's mercy and forgivness and learning to forgive one another was sinking in.

On Thursday this week, we celebrated Mass for Fr. Cyprian because, as is our custom, we honor a deceased monk 30 days, and again one year, after his death at Mass, in addition to remembering them several times in our liturgies during that first 30 days during the intercessions.

The first conference of "One Bread, One Cup" took place this week. Their youthful energy certainly seeped around campus, and a number of monks heard confessions at OBOC's reconciliation service on Wednesday evening. Several monks help with the program in various capacities by giving presentations and serving as chaplains.

On Thursday night at Vespers, Archabbot Justin and the community blessed and bid farewell to Fr. Brendan as he takes on his role as rector of Conception Seminary College in Missouri -- Conception Abbey is part of our Benedictine congregation and many seminarians who study at Conception are then sent to study here at Saint Meinrad.

Many oblates spent several days with us this week as part of the annual Oblate Study Days. Br. John Mark led them in conferences on how being an oblate adds to their vocation. Several novices sat on a panel and swapped questions and answers with the oblates, and Br. John Mark served as moderator. It was humbling to hear from the oblates the impact Saint Meinrad and the monks have on their lives. They take solace in uniting their prayers with those of the monastic community.

The following was said at Mass today as the Prayer over the Gifts for the feast of St. Romuald, a Benedictine abbot. It seems like a pertinent prayer with the negativity and evil we so often hear about. May you, in the coming days, share your purity of heart and fervent charity with someone who needs a little light in their lives.

Grant those who approach your altar, O Lord,

that spirit of devotion

with which the blessed Abbot Romuald was on fire,

so that, pure of heart and fervent in charity,

we may offer you a worthy sacrifice.

Through Christ our Lord.

Each day the monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey write another page in the long history of Benedictine monks throughout the world. Here are recent events chronicled at Saint Meinrad.