Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

July 8-14, 2016

Last weekend, Father Colman hosted a "Strength in Recovery" retreat through Guest Services.

Father Meinrad met with the Oblate Council last weekend, and we had a good crowd of oblates in town for a day of recollection this Monday on the Feast of All Benedictine Saints. Father Barnabas led the day of recollection: "Reverence in Prayer: Should We be Concerned with Deportment or Disposition or Both?"

Father Prior John presided and preached at Mass on Monday, and we enjoyed colloquium (talking) at dinner in honor of the Feast of All Benedictine Saints.

On the 12th, we celebrated Mass for Fr. Damian as is custom on the 30-day anniversary of a confrere's death.

Brother William gave a mid-week retreat this week on Monastic Practices.

The IPP sabbaticants of the "Stoking the Fire" sabbatical program are residing here on the Hill for a month, and they will join us for various liturgies during their stay. A number of monks are involved in the program in various teaching and hospitality capacities.

Many of us wished Donna Hagedorn well, as her last day as Manager of the Scholar Shop was July 11. It was also her birthday. Many former students and guests would have recognized her from their visits to the various locations of the Scholar Shop over the years. The Scholar Shop currently resides across from Newman Dining Room.

Brother Francis wrote a couple blog posts this week. One on Peace, one on Pondering the Word and a third on Wisdom's Mystery.

Brother André has been back with us for a little over a month full-time now after having graduated from Sullivan University's culinary school. He wrote an update for us monks:

My work in the kitchen has been filled with all kinds of variety. During my first week I was working in the bakery and I got to prepare all kinds of tasty treats. However, my main focus will be cooking with Mary, Jennifer & Theresa. Most mornings I help with lunch. I've made some of the soups over the last couple of weeks, which will be a trend that I'm sure will continue. I've also been busy making fruit and vegetable trays for the OBOC socials and the Tuesday Monastery fruit tray. My mornings can also be filled with various banquet and dinner prepping. Most afternoons are spent helping with dinner. Some of my dinner creations thus far have been pasta sauce, and the braised beef that we had this past Saturday evening.

Another aspect of my work is cleaning and coming up with ideas on how to best utilize all of the fresh produce that comes in from Fr. Colman's garden. Recently, the garden has been producing a lot of zucchini, Vidalia onions, garlic, mustard greens and Chinese cabbage. We are very blessed by Fr. Colman's hard work and dedication to his garden.  We are also benefitting greatly from the Abbey Chicken eggs, that are dutifully collected and brought up to the kitchen each day by Novice Joshua. The kitchen is also benefitting from our hens because our "Lay Sisters" are feasting on a regular diet of vegetable peelings and other various leftovers that would otherwise just go down the garbage disposal.

Over the next 4 weeks in addition to my kitchen work, I will be cooking for the "Stoking the Fire" sabbaticants each Thursday evening. Not only will they get to enjoy these meals, I will also be offering cooking lessons based on the meals that I will be preparing for them each week. 

Fr. Abbot Kurt has also given me permission to plan the menus for our feast day dinners, beginning with the feast Transfiguration. If anyone has any suggestions for these menus, please feel free to let me know.    

So confreres, as you can see, my culinary work is quite varied and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to me to study culinary arts. I feel truly honored to be able to give back just a little something to the community that has given me so much through your prayer, love and fraternity. God Bless & Happy Eating.

Brothers Stephen, Joel and Jean are at St. Joseph's Abbey in Louisiana helping with some service on the grounds there in an effort to help with the cleanup from some terrible flooding there earlier in the year. Their primary task is helping to paint many interior walls that were replaced after the flooding.

A good reminder for all of us, and Archabbot Kurt's abbatial motto: "Hope in Him, hold firm and take heart." Psalm 27 (26)

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