Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

June 10-16, 2016

We announced Father Prior John McMullen's appointment as prior in last week's About the House. Officially, he has been blessed and taken office. Pray for his work for our monastery.

Our Father Damian Schmelz, a beloved professor, pastor and teacher, died on Sunday, June 12. A link to his obituary: Interestingly, Father Damian had a passion for science and nature, and as such, asked and received permission to donate his body to the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Brother Francis wrote a blog post containing some links to various interviews with Archabbot Kurt from local news sources and local diocesan publications. Here is the link:

The first of three sessions of our High School Youth Program: One Bread, One Cup ended this week. Several monks are involved in the program in various capacities including as confessors for the participants on Day 3 of the program. The Reconciliation Service on Day 3 is a highlight for the students as they are able to sit in our monastic choir stalls for the liturgy.

Here are some video highlights from this conference and several of our past OBOC conferences. We also enjoyed an ice cream social with the students on Day 2 of the conference. One Bread, One Cup brings a joyful and youthful energy to the Hill during the summer.

Several junior monks are working with Brother Zachary this summer in his prison ministry: Brothers Andre, Joel, Jean, Nathaniel, Stephen and Simon.

Saint Meinrad oblate and author Ruth Engs completed the second volume of "Conversations in the Abbey" featuring Brothers Maurus, Andrew and Giles and Fathers Augustine, Boniface, Meinrad, Stephen, Timothy, Gregory, Pius and Colman.

Last Sunday evening for Vespers and dinner, we hosted members of our Einsiedeln Society. The Einsiedeln Society annual stewardship report featured "Meet the Monk" articles with interviews from Brothers William, Simon and Joel. All three spoke at the dinner sharing their vocation stories.

Archabbot Kurt closed dinner by sharing his prayerful best wishes and many thanks for members of the Einsiedeln Society and their charity. He also recalled that the last time he gave the evening presentation at the Einsiedeln Society, Father Lambert (then Archabbot) had just been elected abbot of the monastery.

Finally, Father Meinrad hosted a good contingent of our oblates this week for their annual summer Study Days. Father Adrian presented conferences for them this week.

Below: a poem as featured in our Community Bulletin (our in-house newsletter) this week. Perhaps a helpful read for those we find distracting…or better yet, a thanksgiving for God's mercy on us in our distracting of others.

Choral Beauty:  A Poem

Lovely women sometimes place

a beauty mark upon their face.

The purpose of this hand-made blemish

is that their beauty be more relished.


In the monastic choir of praise

are those whose voices are seldom raised.

Their full and active participation

is reserved for some other occasion.


Then there are those who sing and pray,

but from the common rhythm stray.

Ahead, behind, or who knows where,

they drive some confreres to despair.


But I think this ragged choral duty

simply points to our choir's beauty.

Off key, off beat, and out of pace

yet here we stand before God's face.


He will have mercy.

Each day the monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey write another page in the long history of Benedictine monks throughout the world. Here are recent events chronicled at Saint Meinrad.