Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

September 23-29, 2016

We had three men join us last weekend for a "Come and See" weekend at the monastery. Our next "check out what the monastery is like" opportunity will be our Monastic Observance days from December 27 through January 1. (Encourage a young man to consider our way of life. Many of us found out about the place through alumni, guests or the "One Bread, One Cup" program.)

Here is a video Brother William took when he was in the right place at the right time during the demolition of our overgrown pergola: Pergola Demolition

Father Guy has been giving us some updates on the monastery land. Did you know we own 2,318 acres of land, and part of that land is used to cut and re-plant timber?

And, on the age of the Abbey forest, he answered: All of the Abbey forest is second growth. That is, it is forest that grew up after the forest first seen by the first European settlers who entered southern Indiana in the early 19th century was cut down to make way for pasture and cropland. There are still some "old growth" woods in Indiana-woods that were never cut by white men. You can find some of it in the 67 acres of Donaldson's Woods in McCormick's Creek State Park. This is the woods Father Damian monitored and measured for many years. It is worth the trip. There is a small patch in Gibson County, close to us, but very buggy and lots of mosquitoes-not recommended.

Father Adrian led a retreat through the Guest House last weekend: "Cultivating a Discerning Heart."

Don't forget about our upcoming Monte Cassino pilgrimages. In addition to a communal rosary procession, you can hear from one of the monks on Mary:

On Monday, several of our confreres and members of our Development Office staff made their way to Indianapolis for our friends and alumni gathering. We thank our benefactors for their charitable support of our community through their time, talent, treasure and prayer.

Each day the monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey write another page in the long history of Benedictine monks throughout the world. Here are recent events chronicled at Saint Meinrad.