Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

January 17-23, 2017

Last week was full of many events in the life of our monastery and individual monks.

  • We laid to rest our brother, Father Rupert, on Tuesday. Archabbot Kurt presided and Father Eugene gave the homily. There is an Internet link to his homily below on Brother Francis' blog. On Monday, Father Gavin gave the remembrance at the Office of the Dead, where Prior John presided.

  • The community witnessed Novice Joseph's clothing with the scapular at his novitiate investiture on Thursday. Read more here: Novice Joins Benedictine Community at Saint Meinrad and here is a brief Facebook video of the investiture.

  • On Friday at I Vespers of the Solemnity of St. Meinrad, Brother Elias (former Novice Joshua) made his temporary profession in the presence of the abbot and the entire community, vowing stability, obedience and fidelity to the monastic way of life. We celebrated his profession with a meal with his family and friends after Vespers. Fathers Godfrey and Adrian served as assistants at Brother Elias' profession. (Pictures coming soon.)

  • On Saturday we kicked the Solemnity of St. Meinrad into high gear by reading more of the life of St. Meinrad at office, and we had a festive Eucharist where many of the seminarians and graduate degree weekend students joined in the celebration. Archabbot Kurt presided at our Eucharist and Father Colman preached, emphasizing the hospitality of St. Meinrad (the saint) and encouraging us to take cues from St. Meinrad's hospitality and put them to good use in the Church.

On Wednesday, Archabbot Kurt gave an Abbot's Conference to our community, and his theme focused on the Rite of Receiving a Novice and how this rite and temporary profession remind us that we are growing together in community and to not lose sight of helping one another along in this life's journey.

Brother Francis' latest blog posts: Fr. Rupert - Dressed for Action (a blog post about Father Rupert and also Father Eugene's homily at Father Rupert's funeral Mass) and Saint Meinrad Monk and Martyr, Pray for Us.

Early last week, the Owensboro presbyterate stayed on campus for meetings and prayer. They joined us for several of our liturgies.

As mentioned above, Father Godfrey was home (from his prayer and work as rector of the Cathedral in Evansville) to serve as an assistant at Brother Elias' profession, and we also enjoyed having home with us for a few days Father Cassian from his prayer and work at the monastery in Nursia, Italy (the birthplace of St. Benedict). Pray for Father Cassian's community as they continue to rebuild from the devastating earthquakes that hit the area late last year. Read more about the earthquakes here:

On Sunday, Archabbot Kurt presided at the Eucharist at St. Meinrad Parish to celebrate the parish's patronal feast day, too. After Mass, he joined them for a reception and program in the Community Center.

Reporting on honey, I (Brother Simon) wrote recently in our community bulletin:

We are down to our last few drops of honey from this season's harvest in the "Raven Gardens Honey" jar in the refectory. Shortly after Thanksgiving, I put some sugar boards on top of our two hives to feed the bees over the winter in case they run low on food for the winter. I am grateful to Father Germain and Steve Rahman (of our Physical Facilities) for their help in the construction of the sugar boards.

Father Rupert had a small collection of CDs, and his family, at his jubilee, gifted him a CD player/stereo. We plan to incorporate his collection of CDs and our small collection of DVDs and install a small library of these media in our West TV Room. We will relocate his CD player to the West TV Room as well. In our East TV Room, we have a sizeable library of assorted novels and audio books. 

Each day the monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey write another page in the long history of Benedictine monks throughout the world. Here are recent events chronicled at Saint Meinrad.