Saint Meinrad Archabbey

A catholic monastery devoted to the teachings of St. Benedict

May 2-8, 2017

On Monday after dinner, we had a "goodbye" or "see you soon" to our visiting Benedictines studying with us this school year. We said "goodbye" to Brother David (Monastere de l'Incarnation [Togo], Brother Linus (St. Bernard Abbey) and Brother Stephen (St. Anselm Abbey), who will be ordained priests in the coming months.

We look forward to the return to school next semester of Brothers Cassian (Subiaco Abbey), Damien (Prince of Peace Abbey), Luke (St. Benedict Abbey - Atchison, KS) and Antony-Maria and Theodore (Marmion Abbey). Brothers Justin and Cajetan from Abbaye de l'Ascension de Danyi Dzobegan in Togo will be with us most of the summer.

We celebrated the retirement of Renus Waninger from our Physical Facilities department on Tuesday. He is the longest-serving coworker, retiring at 58 years of service.

On Wednesday, we had a gathering after dinner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of reciting the Divine Office in English here at Saint Meinrad. We especially thanked Father Columba in his hard work of setting the chant notation to match the English translation of the Latin text.

The Latin Schola sang the Latin antiphons for the Ascension, and the community followed with chanting the English version. It was neat to see how the Latin chant notation worked with the Latin words and how Father Columba's modifications for the English translation was similar to the Latin, but changed ever so slightly to work with the English text. If anyone has had a conversation with Father Columba about chant, they will certainly call to mind his emphasis on the text.

Father Colman gave a retreat on some reflections on the Psalms this week at our Guest House.

Father Adrian, this weekend, gave a retreat on "The Church in the Modern World" through our Guest House.

Brothers Peduru, Nathaniel and Simon ran the Race for Vocations as part of the Indianapolis 5K and half-marathon runs this weekend.

Brother Lorenzo gave the Monte Cassino reflection this weekend on "Our Lady of Perpetual Help." See the rest of the lineup of May pilgrimages at Monte Cassino here.

Father Justin is with us for a few days, and Father Ephrem has returned home for some days, too. 

Father Denis R. has accepted the Board of Trustees' offer of a third five-year term as President-Rector of our Seminary and School of Theology.
We received the cremains of Father Damian, who asked for and received permission from the Abbot to donate his body to science. Near the anniversary of his death (June 12, 2016), we will have a simple committal after our Conventual Mass.

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