December 2017

The intention of the presiding priest for the daily Conventual Mass, as established by Abbot Martin Marty, OSB, is "for the living and deceased members and benefactors of the monastery."

As per our Customary, a Mass was offeredfor all living and deceased Oblates of Saint Meinrad.

The following intentions were remembered by the priests of our monastery as they offered Masses this month at the Archabbey Church of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, the Saint Thomas Aquinas Chapel of the Seminary and School of Theology, the monastery house chapel, the Saint Meinrad Guesthouse Chapel, the Saint Bede Chapel, and in some of their various assignments:

For forgotten souls in most need of intercession

In honor of the Virgen de San Juan del Valle,

for the special intention of the Castilla family;

for the special intention of Robert Navarrete;

for the special intention of the Luisa Salazar;

for the special intention of the Castilla family;

for the special intention of Anita Sotelo;

in thanksgiving by Juanita M. Cano


In honor of the Holy Family and Saint Peregrine for the brother of Georgina Sermersheim


For the well-being of:

Denise Akande

Fr. Kenneth Betz

Brian Bledsoe

Colby family

Janet Compton

Eagan Family

Fannie Harper

William and Sharon Higgins

Raya Kent

Cecilia L. Kissel

Krick Family

Vincent Scott Land

Quinn Francis Lechner

George Mountain

Evan Poland

Kathleen Poland

Pat Poland

Fr. Kevin Ratterman

Schaffstein, Berry, and Snyder families

Gilbert and Mary Seger family

Jason and Donna Seifrig

Fr. Tyler Tenbarge


For the eternal repose of:

(+) All souls in purgatory

(+) Deacon James Barton

(+) Jan Anders Bergin

(+) Cornelius and Richard Bittner

(+) Mary Ann Bittner

(+) David Broda

(+) Nancy Bruno

(+) Fr. Nicasio D. Cruz, SJ

(+) John A. Essner

(+) Thomas Foushee

(+) Sr. Francis Clare, OSF

(+) Joseph Gajdostik

(+) Deceased of the Gallagher family

(+) Samuel Gillis

(+) Donald C. Hoffman

(+) Joseph P. Kelty

(+) Robert Kitchin

(+) Dorothea Klip

(+) Oscar & Ruth Knies

(+) Eleanor G. Kozik

(+) Robert Kynerd

(+) Frank Lau

(+) Francisco C. Lim

(+) James Macey

(+) Jean Mansini

(+) Clara Merl

(+) Deceased of the Merl family

(+) Deceased of the Mountain family

(+) Bernardine Mountain

(+) Joan Mountain

(+) Merl Mountain

(+) Roy Mountain

(+) Thomas Mountain

(+) Lucille Nelson

(+) Mallory Norrell

(+) Kenneth Oberheu

(+) Fr. Joseph Pilger

(+) Betty Ponder

(+) Gilbert Prieto

(+) Mason Scott Reppen

(+) Gizelle Ripsce

(+) Elizabeth Rodgers

(+) Dr. Tomas G. Rosario, Jr.

(+) Jennifer Ryan

(+) Deceased of the Schaffstein, Berry, and Snyder families

(+) Fr. Louis Schmidt

(+) Hunter Schott

(+) Frank Sitar

(+) Samantha Smith

(+) Isabelle Sterne

(+) Anthony Tortomase

(+) Thomas Trainer

(+) Milton Turner

(+) Raymond Vaal

(+) Gerry Weldin

(+) John G. Wendholt

(+) Clarence Wiley

And many other intentions that were requested through individual monks and those that were offered personally by them.

If you would like to request a Mass intention at the Archabbey, please visit our Mass Intentions page.