December 2019

Mass Intentions for December 2019

The intention of the presiding priest for the daily Conventual Mass, as established by Abbot Martin Marty, OSB, is “for the living and deceased members and benefactors of the monastery.”

As per our Customary, on the first anniversary of his death, the Conventual Mass was offered for Fr. Benedict Meyer, OSB, on December 14.

As per our Customary, a Mass was offered for all living and deceased Oblates of Saint Meinrad.

The following intentions were remembered by the priests of our monastery as they offered Masses this month at the Archabbey Church of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel of the Seminary and School of Theology, the monastery house chapel, the Saint Meinrad Guesthouse Chapel, the St. Bede Chapel, and in some of their various assignments:

For special intentions

On their wedding anniversary:

David and Elda Jamora (10 years)

For the well-being of:

Rich Agnello

Donald Altstadt

Carlisle family

Margaret Mary Concannon

Tim Concannon

Adelaida de Guzman

Antonia de Guzman

Josefina de Guzman

Donald Dougherty

Bernard and Mary Eagan family

Sally Ernst

Eugene and Laura Fleck family

Alice Gorup

Judy Hanks

Sharon Harper family

Vinny Herman

Bob Knaebel family

Bucky Knaebel family

Susan Knaebel family

Blanche Kurnal


Mancha and Cañas families

Mand family

Don Merritt

Jason Moore

Mark Peterson

Jose Pineda

Brady Reed

Thomas Reed

Francesca Rooney

Eleanor Hope Anne Sansbury

Schaffstein, Berry, and Snyder families

Schenck family

Sermersheim family

Allison Rae Shriner

Mark Shriner Jr.

Smith/Wingler family

Fr. Mark Spring

Deacon Greg Steele

David Taylor

Donna Terry

Jerome Vandeventer

Ryan Walker

Joseph B. Williams

Judith Williams

Edwin Zamora family

For the eternal repose of:

(+) Kevin Abney

(+) Joyce and JD Adams

(+) Lyn Marie Albrecht

(+) Augustine Aspinwall

(+) Robert Auffrey

(+) Fr. Alfred Baltz, OSB

(+) Rosemary H. Barbella

(+) Michael Bogan

(+) Refugio Boyso

(+) Earl and Lenora Buechler

(+) Fr. Robert J. Bueter, SJ

(+) James E. Calabro Sr.

(+) John Calabro

(+) Victoria Chiarello

(+) Charles Christian

(+) Michael David Clawson

(+) Juanita Cox

(+) Luz Acorda de Leon

(+) Fr. Francis X. Ece

(+) Fr. James M. Fitzgerald

(+) Msgr. Maurice Foley

(+) Russell Foushee

(+) Thomas Foushee

(+) Anna Mae Frost

(+) Donald Gehant

(+) T. Hugh and Lucille Graber

(+) Mr. and Mrs. Russell I. Harbaugh

(+) John Johnson

(+) Glenn Keinsley

(+) Robert L. Kitchin

(+) Donald Kottlowski

(+) Eleanor G. Kozik

(+) Fr. Hubert Kueches

(+) Sonny Lassak

(+) John R. Lewin

(+) Fr. Francis X. Lordeman

(+) Brandon Martinez

(+) Sr. Mary Eleanore, SSJ

(+) Dorene Maschino

(+) Wanda Mechler

(+) James Albert Mitchell

(+) Mary Jo Mellody

(+) Gary Moesner

(+) Virginia Moody

(+) Paul Muhs

(+) Mary M. Northerner

(+) Jesus Ortiz

(+) Cicely Perrotte

(+) Fr. Joseph Pilger

(+) Fr. William G. Poole

(+) Arnold J. Prima Jr.

(+) Gilbert Prieto

(+) Laverne Ramsey

(+) Leo J. Reinhart Jr.

(+) John Ryan

(+) Paul Salter

(+) Irene Samples

(+) Lori Samples

(+) Fr. Louis Schmidt

(+) Msgr. Arthur Sego

(+) Lois W. Seretny

(+) Clifford Serowski

(+) Rosemary Sitzman

(+) James Irving Smith

(+) Joyce E. Harris Smith

(+) Ruby Eileen Thie

(+) Margaret Tresler

(+) Marcos D. Valdes

And many other intentions that were requested through individual monks and those that were offered personally by them.

If you would like to request a Mass intention at the Archabbey, please visit our Mass Intentions page.