July 2019

The intention of the presiding priest for the daily Conventual Mass, as established by Abbot Martin Marty, OSB, is “for the living and deceased members and benefactors of the monastery.”

As per our Customary, a Mass was offered for all living and deceased Oblates of Saint Meinrad.

The following intentions were remembered by the priests of our monastery as they offered Masses this month at the Archabbey Church of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel of the Seminary and School of Theology, the monastery house chapel, the Saint Meinrad Guest House Chapel, the St. Bede Chapel, and in some of their various assignments:

For special intentions

For all who left the Church

On the jubilee of their monastic profession:

Br. Jerome Croteau, OSB (70 years)

Fr. Pius Klein, OSB (60 years)

Fr. Micheas Langston, OSB (60 years)

Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB (50 years)

On their wedding anniversary:

Anne and Woody Northup (50 years)

Nicholas and Alexa Potocki (10 years)

Manuel and Amelita Zamora (43 years)

For the well-being of:

Susan Adamowski

Khari Adebisi

Robert and Carolyn Allen family

AM Barthel family

Isabella Bergonzoli

Nicholas Bergonzoli

Brian Boring

Carmona Family

Anthony Carmona

Cory Carmona

Trisha Tepool Carter family

Beth and Martin Couch

Bernard and Mary Eagan family

Fampo Family

Cherry Fampo

Eugene and Laura Fleck family

Patrick Higgins

Erika Jones

Kari Gallagher

Krick family

Suzanne and Ray Lohrer family

Tom and Judy Mulheim family

Jim and Mary Pfister family

Carol Preeffer

Sara Sanders

Mary Schaffner

Joan Seib family

Kathy and Don Seibert family

Msgr. Bill Stumpf

Eric Tepool family

Mike Tepool family

Norbert and Alta Tepool family

Ron Tepool family

Donna Terry

Catherine and Walter Townsend

Dan Townsend family

David Townsend family

Mike Townsend family

Stacey Tepool Wall family

Emily Widmyer

For the eternal repose of:

(+) Jeffrey Antle Sr.

(+) Barbara Balka

(+) Anthony Bruno

(+) Wytasha Carter

(+) Mary Tom Clemons

(+) Donald Deinlein

(+) Mary Agnes Fabacher

(+) Anna Mae Frost

(+) Walter Gardener

(+) Aloysius Germann

(+) Patrick Gilmore

(+) Stella P. Golomb

(+) Mary J. Graham

(+) Anne Louise Hagan

(+) Marilyn Heimsath

(+) Audrey Jarreau

(+) Deceased members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Saint John

(+) Larry Langford

(+) Kenneth McNeilly

(+) Helen Druley Nelson

(+) Leon Nolen

(+) Gilbert Prieto

(+) Margaret P. Reis

(+) For departed religious and priests

(+) Lane Rutledge

(+) Dr. Ada Ryan

(+) Fr. Carl C. Schaffer

(+) For the Souls of all relatives in Purgatory

(+) Thomas Trainer

(+) Ruth and Vince Traxler

(+) Sam Tule

(+) Susan Ida Wagner

(+) Dr. John D. Wallhausser

(+) Imelda Whitter

(+) Mike Ziemianski

(+) Fr. James B. Zusy, OP

And many other intentions that were requested through individual monks and those that were offered personally by them.

If you would like to request a Mass intention at the Archabbey, please visit our Mass Intentions page.