March 2018


The intention of the presiding priest for the daily Conventual Mass, as established by Abbot Martin Marty, OSB, is “for the living and deceased members and benefactors of the monastery.”

As per our Customary, a Mass was offered for all living and deceased Oblates of Saint Meinrad.

The following intentions were remembered by the priests of our monastery as they offered Masses this month at the Archabbey Church of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel of the Seminary and School of Theology, the monastery house chapel, the Saint Meinrad Guest House Chapel, the St. Bede Chapel, and in some of their various assignments:

For forgotten souls in most need of intercession

In honor of St. Jude for the Sermersheim family


For the well-being of:

Carolyn and Bob Allen family

Norma Cataluña

Jack and Nancy Dalton

Eagan family

Edna, Rebecca, and Kratka families and friends

Marge Fetter

Tom and Christine Forsythe family

Fr. Sean Hoppe, OSB

Anna Kieffer

Ryan Kieffer

Kurt Kraner

Krick family

Nick Liberante

Suzanne and Ray Lohrer family

Judy and Tom Mulheim family

Glenn Parish

Henry A. Payne family

Robert A. Payne

Jim and Janie Pfister family

Daniel R. Prezell

Yvonne Schott

Joan Seib family

Kathy and Don Seibert family

Charles Solomon

Ron and Sarah Tepool family

Dan and Katie Townsend family

David and Lynna Townsend family

Mike and Mary Jo Townsend family

Br. Dominic Warnecke, OSB

Jose Manuel S. Zamora

Br. Maurus Zoeller, OSB


For the eternal repose of:

(+) Dr. Louis Abbott

(+) Ronald W. Bennett

(+) Bertha Junger Bewsey

(+) Debby Brown

(+) Josephine Bruno

(+) Archbishop Daniel Buechlein, OSB

(+) Sr. M. Jeanne Frances Cleves, SND

(+) Daniel Wallace Collins

(+) James Ross Curtsinger

(+) Fr. Andrew Diezeman

(+) Anna Mae Duffee

(+) Dolores Eckerle

(+) Evelyn T. Elsner

(+) Eugene English

(+) Mary Huffer-English

(+) Sylvan R. Fetter

(+) Anacleto G. Flores, Sr.

(+) Raphael Forler

(+) Kathleen Freson

(+) Emma Louise Gaddis

(+) Joseph F. Gajdostik

(+) Jacqueline Goode

(+) John “Jack” Goode

(+) Richard Gorges

(+) Elvira Martinez Gregory

(+) Albert Hagedorn

(+) Rosemarie Lawrence Haas

(+) Sr. Margaret Ann Hagan, OSU

(+) Jeremy T. Hilling

(+) Lynn Janes

(+) Pat Jochem

(+) Irna Jouffray

(+) Octavius Jouffray

(+) Fr. Theodore A. Keller

(+) Joseph P. Kelty

(+) Dr. Frank J. Kozik

(+) Genevieve “Ginger” Lambert

(+) Jim Lough

(+) Ruth Lueken

(+) Sr. Marie Terese, OCD

(+) Margaret Rose Mathies

(+) Fr. George C. Maynard, SJ

(+) Dorothy Lee McCrystal

(+) Neil Monihan

(+) Deacon Raoul Ouelette

(+) Jay B. Peavler, Jr.

(+) Gilbert Prieto

(+) Nick Rischer

(+) J. Robert Saffell

(+) Marina Schaefer

(+) Neil Schafer

(+) Donald Schor

(+) Katherine Schor

(+) Marie Schuerman

(+) Patricia Seckinger

(+) Frank Sitar

(+) Mary Jane Sparrow

(+) Clarence Spitzley

(+) Marianne Stricker

(+) Belinda Jane Sullivan

(+) Sandra Tucker

(+) Bishop Paul Ngyen Van Hoa

(+) Joseph Washko

(+) Kathryn Washko

(+) John Wendholt

(+) Richard A. Williams

(+) Anthony Victor Younger

(+) Evelyn Rayback Younger

(+) Deogracias S. Zamora

(+) Elpidia S. Zamora

(+) Victoria S. Zamora

And many other intentions that were requested through individual monks and those that were offered personally by them.

If you would like to request a Mass intention at the Archabbey, please visit our Mass Intentions page.