September 2018

Mass Intentions for September 2018

The intention of the presiding priest for the daily Conventual Mass, as established by Abbot Martin Marty, OSB, is “for the living and deceased members and benefactors of the monastery.”

As per our Customary, 30 Masses were offered promptly for our confrere, (+) Fr. Mel Patton, OSB, after his death on September 6.

As per our Customary, a Mass was offered for all living and deceased oblates of Saint Meinrad.

The following intentions were remembered by the priests of our monastery as they offered Masses this month at the Archabbey Church of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel of the Seminary and School of Theology, the monastery house chapel, the Saint Meinrad Guesthouse Chapel, the St. Bede Chapel, and in some of their various assignments:

For special intentions

In honor of the Blessed Mother

For the well-being of:

Evann Aranha

Isabella Bergonzoli

Nicolas Bergonzoli

Mary and Rudy Bousaeneau

Otis Broughton

Alfred Carson

Esther and Jim Cross

Eileen and Don Dages

Carolyn Davis

June Denis

Melissa Devereaux

Kay Dodd

Jennie Driver

Edna, Rebecca, and Kratka families

Eugene and Laura Fleck family

Michael Fleszar

Henry Gagnon

John and Virginia Grande

Robert and Dolores Grande

Chris Guthrie

Iain and Gretchen

Jeff and Diana Johns

Kargas family: Theresa and Felipe, Chris and Christie, Erick and Erica

Sharon Kargas

Rosemarie Kottlowski

Krick family

Mario and Olga Leisaca

Katie Magill

Mueller family

Mayos Navarro

Chanuth Perera

Rachelle Ranola

Rosario Ranola

Vicente Ranola

Cyril Roth

Elizabetyh Ryspka

Virginia Sanders

Betty and Gene Sauer

Sermersheim family

Donna M. Terry

Ryan and Sam Walker

Stephan and Karen Walker

Clare Ward

Dee and George Wilson


For the eternal repose of:

(+) Zachary Armentrout

(+) Fred Bostany

(+) Roy F. Brungardt

(+) Fred Cooper

(+) Jack Donnelly

(+) Donald Edward Dooley

(+) Mary Agnes Elliott

(+) Chris English

(+) Mary Huffer-English

(+) Ermaline Fedewa

(+) Anna Mae Frost

(+) Luigi Giraldi

(+) Marta Gomez

(+) Elwood Hirschbiel

(+) Ivan Huffer

(+) Deacon Julian Hutchinson

(+) Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB

(+) Joseph P. Kelty

(+) Jack Kincaid

(+) Steve Kontos

(+) Anna Gainer Krolick

(+) Mario Leiseca

(+) Sr. Edna Market, OSB

(+) Herbert L. Messerly

(+) Mary T. Moeller

(+) Margaret Morehouse

(+) Deceased Oblates of New York

(+) Francisca Ortega

(+) Agnes Ottensmeyer

(+) Evie Peoples

(+) Madeline Platt

(+) Gilbert Prieto

(+) Shiloh Roberts

(+) Marcos Salas

(+) Betty Sandhage

(+) Thomas Schuerman

(+) Anne Smith

(+) Thomas Stoneberg

(+) Martha Huffer-Strayer

(+) Carole T. Sundberg

(+) Eric D. Sundberg

(+) Gordon P. Sundberg

(+) Jack D. Todd

(+) Kathleen M. Todd

(+) Patricia A. Todd

(+) Albert Tully

(+) Marie Turkiewicz

(+) Harriet Walker

(+) Tom Walker

(+) James and Lucena Ward

(+) Marcella Welsh

(+) Stephen Wolfe

(+) Victoria Simbillo-Zamora

(+) Orlinda M. Zellar

And many other intentions that were requested through individual monks and those that were offered personally by them.

If you would like to request a Mass intention at the Archabbey, please visit our Mass Intentions page.