Oblate Council

The Saint Meinrad Archabbey Oblate Council advises the oblate director regarding the needs and the future of the oblate community. 

Michelle Blalock Br. Michael Reyes, OSB
Ron DeMarco Janis Dopp
Marie Kobos Jennie Latta
Chris Topa Rev. Dr. Bill Wilson, Chair

Rick Tomsick Holly Vaughan
Michael Seretny Fr. Joseph Cox, OSB

Br. Gregory Morris, OSB,
Novice Mentor

Purpose and Membership 

The Oblate Council is made up of oblates, appointed by the oblate director and approved by the archabbot. It is responsible for articulating, developing and undertaking the work committed to it by the oblate director, and for counseling the director regarding the needs and the future of the oblate community.

This planning body also reviews and recommends changes to meet the realities of current situations, both administrative and financial.

The council is a consultative body that helps the director establish policy through a collaborative and collegial approach, using the Rule of St. Benedict as a guide. It seeks to support and counsel the oblate director rather than to dictate new directions. And, it prayerfully attends to the ongoing growth of the oblate community. 

The council consists of not less than five nor more than nine persons who serve in renewable three-year terms. They meet three times a year at Saint Meinrad Archabbey, provided there are items for discussion.