A Weekend-long AA Meeting in 5 Sessions

Friday, November 1, 2019 - Sunday, November 3, 2019
Location: Archabbey Guest House and Retreat Center
Session Faculty: Fr. Colman Grabert, OSB

This is a maximum participation retreat centering on five questions: 1. What brought you to your knees and to surrender? What was your powerlessness and unmanageability like? 2. What made the difference? How did the situation change for you? 3. Let’s get real about God and sobriety. What has been your experience? 4. What aspects of the program/steps beyond the obvious ones have been most important for your sobriety? What do you find difficult in your sobriety? 5. What do you want to share about your present life by way of encouragement and thanksgiving? What’s it like for you now? ($255 single, $425 double)

Single- $255
Double- $425
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